Personal Chef FAQs

Most clients prefer once-a-week service, but that is up to you. Eli can prepare meals for you once a week, twice a month, or just once in a while, when you need some extra help in the kitchen.

The portion sizes are very generous. Eli prefers you have a little extra left over than to be wanting more. However, we will tweak this to work within your desires. If you hate leftovers, Eli will take that into account when preparing your food.

Eli cooks in the homes of her clients.

Eli shops at local markets, including Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe's, Kalustyan's, Fairway, and several other specialty shops.  Importantly, Eli will shop with your food beliefs in mind. For example, if you want only local produce, Eli will purchase most produce from the Union Square and other markets. If you belong to a CSA, Eli will use your CSA produce.

When you meet for your consultation, Eli will bring a list of useful kitchen equipment, and she will go through your kitchen for a full assessment. If you need updated items, Eli will purchase these in consultation with you, often finding you a great deal. Eli will bring many basic items with her, such as knives.

Eli prefers to use glass storage containers, as they can go from fridge to freezer to oven with no problem. They don't retain odors, are BPA-free, and stack well for you to see your food in the refrigerator. If you don't have enough containers, Eli will purchase them for you, for a one time fee, in the range of $75-$100.

This depends on the number of meals and portions. A good amount of space is necessary in both the refrigerator and freezer.

In the refrigerator, entrees should be consumed within 7 days of cooking depending on the type of food. While Eli focuses on vegetarian cuisine, cooked fish dishes should always be consumed within 2 days. Many meals can be frozen for longer retention. Eli will always provide clear storage and reheating instructions!

Eli will provide you with instructions for defrosting, reheating and ideal serving temperatures for all of your meals. Most meals can be microwaved, although stovetop and oven reheating is recommended.

The great thing about having a personal chef service is the flexibility it affords you. If you'd like to take a week off, as long as you give 7 days notice, that's no problem. If you'd prefer frozen meals ready for you upon your return, Eli can cook while you're away.

If you cancel or reschedule before 7 days of your next slot, it's no problem. However, if you cancel within 7 days there is a cancellation fee of $125. Emergencies and last minute changes will be assessed on an individual basis.

Current clients are encouraged to refer others to Eat with Eli for personal chef, edible education, or unique event services.  Current clients who refer a new customer who uses at least two Eat with Eli private services beyond the initial trial session will receive a $150 gift certificate for use with any Eat with Eli service of their choosing.  Please ask Eli for more details.

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