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Eat with Eli :: Testimonials


Read what Eat with Eli clients are saying about Eli...

After a rocky start to finding a personal chef, we found Eli.

She has been cooking for us weekly for several months, and she has changed the way we eat – for the better.  We are in a part of town with every national chain imaginable and limited grocery options.  We were challenged each night to find, prepare, and consume healthful food.  This had begun to take a toll on my health and in particular my digestive tract was screaming for reprieve.

After meeting Eli, I felt I had met someone who was committed to cooking healthful food, was organized, and was extremely capable in her craft.  I found that I was correct.  We are not vegetarians, but we had her cooking almost exclusively vegetarian dishes.  Each dish broke down my preconceived notions about vegetarian cooking (bland, fine for a bit but not sustainable long term, too expensive if you ever want to be full).  Her cooking is inspired, so delicious and I can say over several months I never consumed a dish that I wouldn’t be happy to eat again.  She also prepared a whole meal and was conscientious to include additions, condiments, herbs, and spices so no meal felt incomplete.  I didn’t need to run to the grocery store to complete what she had prepared.  

Also, while cooking for us, we wasted almost no food at all.  Ultimately, my digestive issues have been virtually eliminated, and I absolutely love vegetarian food, although when in restaurants I seldom find dishes that are as tasty and healthful as hers.

She will be missed in our household.

Dear Eli,

I can't thank you enough for your friendship, food, & patience in teaching!

I've so enjoyed our time together & have learned more than I ever expected. Because of you, I believe I am making much better choices which will help me to stay healthy & live!

May your time in New York be a wonderful adventure & more than you hope for. I will continue to sing your praises. I hope we can keep in touch & I look forward to hearing about New York!

All the best!

Eli has saved my life. 

Before she started cooking for me I was technically obese. Over the past year, I have lost over 40 pounds and have easily maintained the weight loss. This is because of Eli's heart and soul, and of course, her cooking. As a cardiologist, many of my colleagues and patients want to know the secret. I always give them the same answer: Eli's cooking.

After reading The China Study, I decided to try a plant-based no-oil diet. This book has changed my life, but due to my schedule as a cardiologist for a major hospital in St. Louis, I have not had the time nor desire to cook for myself. The second I met Eli, I knew I had found the right partner. She was eager to prepare the plant-based no-oil meals that I required.

She learned to cook my favorite Indian dishes, and she made them better than I remember from home, all the while adapting them to my diet. She introduced me to interesting foods from around the world that I had no idea existed, including miso, tempeh, and seitan.

People have always laughed when I call Eli my doctor.  I find it a very fitting title for her, however, considering she has helped me heal through nutrition.  In my book, Eli is my doctor.

I have been "Eating with Eli" for about 9 months.

It has been a truly fantastic experience.

I never thought I would be one who would hire someone else to cook for me.  In my mind, having someone come in and cook, seemed like something that only really wealthy (and lazy) people did.  However, a good friend of mine, who is neither lazy nor independently wealthy, was telling me about having Eli cook for her and how well it was working out for her family. 

The bottom line was that since both my husband and I work full time and have children, it was hard to eat a healthy and delicious dinner very often.  Despite our best efforts to plan, we would end up scrambling for take out, or eating late at 7:30 or 8 pm.  My weekends would be busy trying to plan dinners for the week, and spending my time in line at the grocery with the weekend crowds.   I would end up over-buying at the grocery, and would be grumpy that my weekend was full of errands.

So, I decided to try a week with Eli to see how it would go.  To my delight, she was great.  First, the food that she makes is simply delicious. Second, the food is healthy, (yes, my family is actually eating vegetables on a daily basis!). Third, Eli is a delightful person, who has a tremendous depth of knowledge about cooking and nutrition. Fourth, my evenings don't start with a panic about what is for dinner, and Fifth, I got my weekends back!!

I am devastated that she is moving to New York.  I highly recommend her to anyone who would like to eat and live better. I can't say enough good things about her and the services that she offers!  I give her a 5 star rating, with no hesitation.

The Class was Amazing

I just wanted to tell you that I felt soooooo good when I got home.  Your food makes me feel great, I wish I could 'Eat with Eli' everyday...

Eli is Incredibly Organized

The class we took was well thought out, fit into the allotted time, and was perfect for the occasion, season, and skill level of the participants.  Having taken cooking classes at other locations, this was hands down the best class yet.

She also made me more committed to eating sea vegetables. :)  Seriously, I bought 2 packs of Hijiki on Saturday.  -Kristen Bibee

Your Knowledge is Impressive...

...and your manner, very engaging and warm.  And I can't tell you how much my husband and I and our visiting kids enjoyed that extra pie.

Eli did a great job communicating...

...with the group, giving extended options and ideas beyond the set menu, and being patient with the group.

The food was tasty and practical

Not overwhelming...something you felt you could do on your own.  -Jill Settler

In our kitchen,

Eli quickly and efficiently processed a huge quantity of fresh, highest quality ingredients into Michelin 3-star food.

The big difference was the nutrition factor—for which she deserves an extra star.  The menu included a Thai entrée, roasted mushroom soup, pesto, salsa, hummus, falafel, a veggie casserole, and mixed fruit crisp. A previous cook session featured Alaskan salmon, lentil soup, lentil salad, and chicken soup. Everything was exceptional beyond description. Eli is an outstanding chef, and we will miss her!


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